Friday, September 11, 2015

Dimple dell park Wrangler trailhead

My sister and I found this trail a year ago but didn't get around to doing it until just recently. And I am so glad I did. Unlike most of the trails that I have done this one is not on a mountain, it is in the city. It is a lot like the trails in southern California; no more than 5 minutes to get to a trail.
The trail was a mix of dirt and asphalt depending on what part you were on, and since it is in the city sometimes you can look to any side and see houses, and yet it is secluded with a gorge and different forage rehabilitation projects. In fact the area is so secluded that there is an ancient pit house somewhere on the trail that was just recently discovered. Last April the salt lake tribune wrote an article about it, but they withheld the location of the site to protect it from people who would vandalize it, and once they are done excavating they plan to rebury it to protect it from the danger of the elements. I don't know if it has been covered back up yet, but if it hasn't I would love the chance to see it. If you want to read more about it I'll leave the link at the bottom.
I also love that this trail accomodates people of many hobbies, including horseback riding and mountain biking. My mom love horses so any time I hear about a city trail that is open to horseback riding I like to pass the word along. If you plan to do any of these activities be sure to pack adequate water. I would pack enough water for the amount of time you plan to be on the trail. It is a pretty large trail, I am not sure how far it goes in both directions from the wrangler trailhead but we went about a mile and a half out to where you could see the road again. The trail continued somewhere possibly beneath the road but we didn't continue because we reached one destination, lone peak park.
This may not have had quite as many sights to see as some of the mountain trails but it had some other cool features like a tree with a hand made swing, and random picnic tables that are covered in unkempt trees and weeds. I definitely want to go back and do more exploring of it sometime soon.
If you are looking to check it out yourself the trailhead we used was 10400 South 1300 East
Sandy, Utah. but there is another trailhead that you could use, it is: 2900 East Mt. Jordan Road or 
10000 South 2700 East. 

This is the website about the ancient pit house.

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