Thursday, May 21, 2015

Iron Mountain trail

Listed as one of 10 great hikes in San Diego this trail is just growing in popularity. Some reasons for it is because while its challenging its achievable which is very empowering. As well as providing a unique sense of separation from the city while being minutes from it. I did this trail at the start of the new year with some friends and found that there was a mix of rocky areas and smooth areas. although my favorite part was somewhere in the middle there is a slight decline that puts you in a small patch of trees then comes right back up again towards the rocky part of the trail. This trail is 5.8 miles long and when you get to the top you can look down towards the city.
I would say that this is a moderately difficult trail getting to the top is exhilarating. Personally I would bring two at least one liter of water while doing this trail. Of course I would recommend doing it with two half liter water bottles because that is typically how much water a regular sized water bottle contains.
Iron Mountain trail is just off of poway rd and highway 67.
see you all on the trail!

Some sites I would recommend for more information about this trail are

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