Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ragnar: Wasatch back

Ok so probably six months ago or longer I asked a question about what race I should write about and there were a few people that suggested the ragnar race. But since I had never done it I never wrote the article. Now though, I am happy to say that I have successfully completed my first ragnar, and would definitely do a second one if given the opportunity.
There were many unique experiences about this race. So I don't know this for sure, but I believe that the race starts at different times depending on the anticipated amount of time it takes you to run the race. So The faster runners would start later than the slower runners so that the race can finish by a certain time on saturday. This year the time was 9 pm. The race started in logan and went through towns like coalsville, Morgan, Huntsville, and park city, and it ended in Midway at soldier hollow.
Every leg is different so I can't say everything awesome that happened on the run, but I was delighted when I found out that I would be running on a trail for one of my legs. I believe that there were two trails, but I have no idea about what the legs were like in the other van. The night running was fun, particularly looking at the constellations while I was running. Everyone who ran got a medal. And there is this leg in the race that is ten miles with some uphills in it without car assistance, and if you finish this leg you get an additional medal for completing that leg.
I think the thing that makes this type of race so great is that you can be complete strangers before the run, and be close friends at the end. This is how it was in my case. I only knew one of the runners but I made some great friends.
If you are considering running a ragnar I say do it because it will be a place where you make friends and strive to reach goals. A couple tips that I would give to anyone running is 1st wear sunscreen. 2nd When it asks for your 10k time be sure that you can actually run that much so that you will have the endurance to do this race. 3rd pack a lot of food, and be prepared to share with your teammates. If you have any questions take a look at their website because it would have eased my concerns if I had looked at it before I ran. And most important have fun on the run!

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