Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Becoming a fitness champ! part 4
Alright This is the final article in the becoming a fitness champ series. For those who are new to the series be sure to check out my other three articles because they go into more detail about what we can do to become fitness champs and accomplish our goals.
There are many ways that people can become fit, but the things that I included in these articles are things that I have done or am already doing. Just to recap they are

  • Having a desirable reward for your efforts. This would be different for everyone, but it needs to be something that important enough that you are willing to put in the work. It needs to be something worth working towards.
  • Incorporate fun activities that increase your heart rate into your daily routine. As you do this you will make a lasting change within yourself. 
  • Make good nutritious choices daily. This will help you to have more energy, and it can become a habit.
  • Become fit with a friend. This will benefit both of you. By doing it together you will want to do it and you will be accountable to someone thus increasing your chance for succes.
Many times we set goals for ourselves and we struggle to accomplish them, but with these options accomplishing a fitness goal is attainable. As I wrote these things that you could do to become fit I tried to choose things that weren't terribly difficult but were things that you could be consistent in because one killer workout doesn't make you an athlete, but hundreds of workouts that you enjoy and get your heart rate up do. The same goes for any goal you are trying to accomplish consistency makes habit.
What ideas do you have for being fit? What ideas do you have for accomplishing your goals?

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