Thursday, January 29, 2015

Becoming a fitness Champ! pt. 3

Back in pt. 1 I mentioned about how getting rewards and social life affects your overall fitness.
Then in pt. 2 I talked about what we are doing now to accomplish our goals. Today I wanted to dive a little deeper into the social aspect of fitness. Again if you haven't read the last two articles be sure to check them out because the purpose of these articles is to become a fitness champ! And what I mean by that is that you want fitness to be a part of your lifestyle.
As mentioned in pt 1 we are generally active because our friends are active. In high school a large part of our social life includes some kind of sport whether it is joining a team or going to the Friday night football game sports are a central focus in our lives. Because its what our friends are doing. After high school there are generally two things that will happen our focus and social life will shift to college and our future career, or it will skip college all together and go straight to our career. We will have new friends with new ideas for socializing and we will do the same things as them. For many people these social circles don't include doing active things. Those people that do stay active are either really dedicated, or they have a workout buddy/social circle. People that they can go do fun things with and be accountable to. People that help them merge their active and social lives into one!
If you are seeking to make a lasting change in your life, then it would be important for you to surround yourself with the people that are already doing those things, or who have the same desire. As you surround yourself with people who are also active, you will find that you will become more active too.
The question then is: what do I need to do to surround myself with those kind of people?
I met with one of the owners of Run Gr8 several months ago and he told me about how they have group runs that they do once a week on Tuesdays, and they also have a special group run on Saturdays for the ladies. This is a unique opportunity because you can meet with other people who have the same interests and go running with them and afterwards you can network with other runners and meet with them later on in the week to go running again.

This is one example that happens in Riverton, Utah, but it is not the only place that does it. I'm sure if you go to any running store they will be able to send you in the right direction as far as groups that go running in your area to give you that social atmosphere. If you can't find one, start one, or if running is not your thing; then I'm sure you could go to a store specific to the activity you like and they could tell you about all the awesome opportunities happening in your area. Personally I think this is the easiest way. Some other ways could be joining a club, signing up for a race, or getting a personal trainer. These are just a few ways that I thought of that you could surround yourself with those kind of people. 

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