Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Where are the wind caves?! part 2

At the top of Utah, in Logan canyon is a trail that takes you straight up to some cool rock formations that form tunnels, or caves. Like most mountain trails this one has steep portions, as well as small rocks and roots that you want to watch out for. This is a moderately difficult trail, about three miles out and back. But because of the rock formations at the end this is a hot commodity. You should expect to see people throughout the duration of your run.

As I did this trail it was at the beginning of october and the trees were awesome! It was the closest to the colors used in animation as you could possibly get. I'm guessing most of the leaves have fallen off at this point but I'm sure there are other awesome things that you will spot on your run.
Let me know what you liked best about this trail in the comments!

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  1. The coolest thing about the hike, is the caves themselves! They are amazing!