Monday, November 24, 2014

The run before the Turkey!

Ok so it has been way too long since I last put an article up, its not for lack of content I have so many articles I need to write right now, but I have had some other priorities that I have been working on. So its thanksgiving morning, where is your race at? For me it will be in a small town, and it will be the best 5k ever!
This is the 8th annual Erda Turkey trot. In case you couldn't tell from the picture the that t-shirt is from the 2nd annual turkey trot. I love this race I think its so fun and I think the picture is pretty fun too. Here are some reasons why this is my favorite 5k ever.

  1. This race is free. If you just want to go have a fun race and not spend your money this is the perfect choice. However if you want a t-shirt that will cost.
  2. After the race there will be lots of breads and possibly cinnamon rolls and cookies. I realize these things aren't that healthy but that's why you just got done running.
  3. I don't know for sure if it is still this way, but the two times I've done it if you get tired you can get picked up in a tractor! Have you ever done a race where you could get picked up by a tractor? I didn't think so. For the record I never have been, I just thought that it was the coolest thing.
  4. The t-shirts have the most local businesses on them as they come, such as the pez museum. If I had prepared sooner in advance I would have put my blog on there too, but you snooze you loose. Next year! 
So these are some of my reasons why I will be doing the Erda turkey trot this year.
For those of you who have heard of Erda the location is on cochrane lane. The line-up of announcements is at 7:45 and the race will begin at 8:00 am sharp. The prizes and raffles will begin at 9:00 am sharp.
If you have a local race that you think is better than this one post it on the facebook page on the run america, and whoevers article is liked the most will have their article posted in the blog in two weeks. That should give you enough time to think of yours and get those votes.

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