Friday, November 28, 2014

Elephant rock trail

How was your thanksgiving? Were you able to go out and run? I hope it was a great experience. Today I wanted to share with all of you about the elephant rock trail. Its one of those really good running trails in Bountiful Utah. I was introduced to it by my Aunt Kimi, and I thought I would share with you what she shared with me about the trail."If you want to try a really cool trail, the Elephant Rock trail in Mueller Park Canyon in Bountiful is awesome. I usually hike up and run down. It's 3 miles each way. I go as far as I have time for, so the distance varies for me. It's pretty steep, so you have to really concentrate while running down. There are tree roots and rocks coming up out of the ground in a lot of spots that you have to dodge and try not to sprain your ankle or fall and kill yourself, but that's the best part about the run to me. Keeps it interesting! I'd love to run it with you sometime. It's gorgeous right now!"
Is this the kind of trail that you are looking for? It was for me. Something else you might be interested to know is that this is the first time that it has occurred to me that not all trails have to be completed to get the benefits out of them. This was how it turned out on this occasion. We all hiked up then we ran back. Imagine that feeling coming down the mountain feeling fast. Also feeling a little out of breath, but the speed is so fun that you don't want to slow down. That is what I experienced on the run back down the mountain. 
This trail is a little over 3 miles. Its a popular trail for runners, hikers, cyclers, and more. This trail is off of 1875 N, Bountiful Utah. You'll see a toll booth, and the trail is to the right of it.
Let me know how you enjoyed it.

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  1. I finally got to read this! Great post! I'm glad you enjoyed the trail. I love it. But I may have had more fun eating the crazy fruits y'all brought with you!