Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Utah County Crossroads Half

I love exploring the beautiful things that Utah has to offer. There are so many of them, from the mountains to the trails to
the many events going on in the valley. When they are running related I try to post them here for all of you so you can enjoy
them too.
One such event is the Utah County Crossroads half. https://crossroadshalf.com/ One thing that is pretty cool about this race is that as you are running the
race you will come to a crossroad and you can choose which path you want to take. One of the paths has more of a dirt trail
mixed with asphalt and the other is completely asphalt. Each has unique attributes that make them worth choosing and they both
end back at the same place.
This race is intriguing to me because both routes are on a trail albeit different t
ypes of trails. So I like that it is surrounded
by the types of things you would find on a trail, and that it allows me to go exploring all while running a race.
Some other cool features of this race is that there are two different finishers medals. one is for those who run the hollow trail,
and the other is for those who run the Murdock canal trail. Another cool feature is that the shirt highlights the trail you chose
to take.
Overall I think this race will be awesome and I hope to see you all there!
Check out their website and be sure to register. https://crossroadshalf.com
I will be visiting the course hopefully this weekend and taking pictures, but in the meantime all of the photos I used here are from their website.

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