Monday, June 1, 2015

Boys chase girls half marathon

I have to tell you about my first ever half marathon. It was the boys chase girls half marathon in Hunstville, Utah. This was a great experience for a first half marathon. I really just stumbled on this race when I was searching for something else and when I read the name of the race I thought it was funny so I decided to sign up.
I had a couple goals for this race. They were to make friends, to come in under three hours and to enjoy the scenery. I am happy to report that I accomplished all three of these goals, and I even found another trail that I would like to try out in the future.
The first mile of this race was all up hill, but then the next eight miles were down hill. It leveled out for the last 4 miles with the occasional rolling hill.
I honestly loved the scenery that was on the trail there were some springs of water scattered on the trail which is always invigorating to me, and there were some incredible mountain ranges. Aside from the scenery I think my highlight of the race was at the 1.5 miles left where the aid station was Hawaiian themed and they rang the cattle bell signifying the final stretch of the race.
Everyone who ran got a medal, but I thought I would mention the youngest runners and also the fastest runners. So the youngest runner on the course was a 12 year old boy. My sister watched the race and apparently he came in so fast that they thought he probably ran the 10k. However I can attest that he ran the half since I saw him pass me and I was quite surprised. He came in with a time of 1:39.09! He kicked my butt that's for sure; then the youngest girl to race was 18, there were actually two 18 year olds to race. I ran with one of them and the other was significantly faster than me with a time of 2:07.40.  The fastest man to race got a time of 1:17.59, and the fastest lady was 1:34.39.
So there were definitely some awesome stuff going on in the half marathon.
The 10 and 5k were significantly less represented since there were less than 20 runners in each of those races. If you are looking for a race to medal in these ones would be the perfect choice.
One thing I really liked about this race was the comfortable environment. I would recommend this race to anyone that is looking for an enjoyable first half marathon and to anyone that wants to enjoy the scenery and the views.

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  1. Nice! I can't wait to do another half. My goal is to work myself up to a full marathon! :)