Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mueller park Jr. High

This is one side of the hill
Ok so a few months ago I was at this park with some friends to play frisbee and other sports and I thought it was a pretty cool park so I thought I would tell you why this park is great for any runner. The park is at a jr high school. It's the Mueller park jr high. The address is  955 E 1800 S
Bountiful, UT. These are two of the reasons why I like this park.
  1. There is this hill that you can run up to do hill sprints. Luckily its not a very long hill, but it is steep enough that it will push you.
  2. There is a paved path that is great for running on. Its not exactly a track because the distances are off, but it is great if you want to get in some interval training or if you are a beginner looking for a place to build your base. The distance around the loop is about .37 miles.
This park is a great running place for anyone who lives in the area or who is vacationing and is looking to get a quick run in while they are here.
I included a link to mapmyrun that shows the mueller park loop. Let me know if there are any other parks you would like me to write about or what kind of article you would like me to write next. I have a couple things in the works but I am excited to hear your feedback!
Have fun on the run!

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