Monday, April 6, 2015

SUU Track A Record Breaking Weekend!

Nothing gets me more excited about racing than seeing the awesome accomplishments of those around me. This past weekend Southern Utah University was spread throughout the state of California with athletes at Stanford, San francisco, and Pomona. They were set to break some personal records and hit some qualifying times.
In the 10k Both Nate Jewkes and Hayden Hawks both broke the 29 minute barrier in the event , and nabbed the 2nd and 3rd fastest times in SUU history for the event! Jewkes came in with a time of 28:46.80, and Hawks came in with a time of 28:53.12.
In the 5k Both Matt Wright and Liam Kennel hit qualifying marks and had personal bests in the event. Wright came in with a 14:33.84 and Kennel came in with a 14:39.61.
On the girls side Jasmine Hildebrant gave a strong performance of 36:51.23 beating her previous record by more than a minute! Not only did she qualify to race at the conference meet, but her time ranks her number 5 in the conference!
Just as Jewkes and Hawks had personal bests in the 10k together Ashley Tyndall and Angie Nickerson pulled personal bests in the 5k together. Tyndall came in with a 17:51.56, and Nickerson came in with a 17:56.61 making them the first female freshmen in SUU history to break 18 minutes on a 5k.
For the sprinters Maya Franco raced to a time of 11.99 making her time the 4th fastest in suu history!
Congratulations to all the athletes that competed at this race and keep up the hard work!

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