Thursday, March 26, 2015

Davis Boys take home the title at Indoor Nationals!

Just a few short weeks ago some of our very own Utah runners made their way to the big apple to compete at the Indoor National championships. This would be an amazing event just to participate in but our runners demonstrated that they weren't here just to participate in the national championships, but they were here for the gold. Which is exactly what the boys 4x800 team Smith, Blanchard, Ward, and MacKay did. After a devastating 2nd place in the 4xmile of less than half a second, they knew that they could win in the 4x800. They were in second up till the last leg when MacKay turned in a split of 1:52.4 to pull ahead of Fordham prep who came in just a second after. Their time of 7:42.19 is the fastest in Utah history. The record hasn't been broken since 1998!
This was an excellent performance for them, but they weren't the only Davis runners at nationals.
 Sophmore Aubrey Argyle competed in the 5,000 meters, and came in fourth with a time of 16:50.53 which is an incredible time for any runner, but it is even more incredible when you realize that she still has outdoor track season to beat that time, as well as two more years after that where she too could come out on top at a national event.
Congratulations to all the runners that competed, I hope that your outdoor season brings more successes such as these.

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