Monday, December 22, 2014

Donut Falls

Donut falls - the trail named after a delicious dessert - is up big cottonwood canyon about 11 miles in, on the right side. You can identify it by a parking lot as well as a gate and a road that leads up towards the trail head. This is a fun trail that crosses a bridge, that crosses through a small stream, and you will have to take a large step down this gulf or whatever you would call it. The gulf and stream is basically the end of the trail; then you can walk around looking for the best view. Be sure to use caution when looking for the perfect view because the hillside is steep, and significantly more challenging than the entire trail.
This is a fairly short hike from start to finish it is about a mile, unless you start up from the road then it is a little bit longer, possibly another mile or mile and a half. If you are new to trail running then this is the perfect trail for you. It is a fairly popular trail its great for families or groups of people. I try to do a trail every weekend. This was by far the best turnout I've had yet. If you're looking to get people excited about trails then this is a great starter trail.