Sunday, August 28, 2016

Company Cup 5k and The Wasatch Mile

I was recently looking up races in the Salt Lake area. I wanted to find one that I had never heard about so I decided to check and see if any of the radio stations had any. This was a great decision. The one that stood out to me the most was The Wasatch Mile. This is an attachment of the Company Cup 5k and both are held September 26th. They are both pretty cool and here is why.

So the Company Cup 5k is pretty cool because it can be done a few different ways, You can do it individually, or with a team. You can have as many people on your team as you want, but only the top four finishers on your team will get scored. Sound familiar? It is a modification of cross country. The main difference is that in cross country it is the top five whose finishes count. I love this idea because outside of high school and college I don't think that you can compete in cross country, but this is basically cross country. Something else that is cool about it is that they encourage you to do it with your company but you don't have to. You could do it with your friends and family instead if you would prefer. From what I can tell the purpose of this is to encourage companies to be healthy.

Then there is the Wasatch Mile. Much like the Company Cup 5k this is an event that is difficult to find outside of high school and college so it is awesome that they are doing it. It may not be on a track like it was a an athlete in high school and college, but it is a mile race and I would like to see more of this. This race will be cool too because they will divide the racers based on their mile time. For the ladies if their mile time is slower than a 6:46 you will race in the 1st group. If your time is between 5:11 and 6:45 you will race in the second group. and if you can prove that your mile time is faster than a 5:10 from other mile races you've done, then you can compete in the elite group. For the gentlemen any one that is slower than a 5:46 goes in the first group, anyone between a 4:31 and a 5:45 goes in the second group and anyone faster than a 4:30 mile will compete in the elite group. I for one would love to run this race and also watch those competing in the elite group to see how they do and see what kind of talent comes out to compete.

I think both of these races will be a blast. to find out more check out their website at

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