Friday, August 15, 2014

Trail running: Settlement Canyon

Since cross country season is starting up I thought I would talk about my favorite courses and why. The first course I would like to mention is the settlement canyon trail a popular run based out in Tooele.
Some of the things that this course features are tree cover, and a little stream. In the hot summer its nice run because you get a chance to cool off, the trail finishes off through the a stream. This trail is especially great during autumn because of all of the different colors.
The course starts off on the road going uphill and transitions to a trail about a mile past the first campgroud where it goes at a slight decline for most of the rest of the run. This is a fast trail where you can set some personal records. It is about a three mile run. When running it be sure to watch where you step because there are lots of loose rocks. I would reccomend this trail to anyone who just wants to have a fun run.

I included a picture taken on the trail.

I'm going to be posting a different trail each week so tell me your favorite trail in the comments and I will go run it and share my thoughts on it.
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